Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in: Which Is Right for You?


When it comes to email marketing, “the list” is king.

The bigger your list, the better. And the better your list, the more success you’ll have with your email marketing campaigns.

Although the logic is pretty simple to understand, growing your email list is not quite so easy.

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Conversion Rate Experts Share 20 eCommerce Optimization Tips [SlideShare]

We asked 20 of the world’s top conversion rate optimization experts to share their top tip for making your eCommerce website convert. The responses were amazing and we assembled them into the SlideShare below. Their advice includes topics related to A/B testing, usability, metrics, cart abandonment, design philosophy, customer experience & more.

Our 20 Conversion Rate Experts

Justin Rondeau

Chief Editor & Testing Evangelist of WhichTestWon

Test your Thank You Pages!

The Thank You/Receipt page is one of the most underutilized pages. Your customer is at their most excited right when they purchase a product, take advantage of this.

Another major perk for testing Thank You/Receipt pages is you are not adding extra friction to the cart. Checking out is one of the most anxiety-inducing processes a customer goes through. Yes, cross-sells and up-sells in a cart work well, but they can become a distraction. Get the purchase, then push for more with dynamically produced content that is relevant to the purchased product.

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3 Impressive A/B Test Results for eCommerce Stores


Conversion testing is an invaluable tool for online businesses, especially eCommerce stores.

Here’s a quick stat that puts the benefit in perspective: When you double conversion rates, i.e. increase conversions by 100%, you automatically cut your cost per acquisition in half.

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How Peak Design Recovers 12% of Abandoned Carts with Email Remarketing [KISSmetrics Guest Post]


Yesterday, we had guest post get published on the extremely well-read KISSmetrics marketing blog.

The title of the post is How Peak Design Recovers 12% of Abandoned Carts with Email Remarketing. It’s a case study about one of our favorite customers—Peak Design. (They also launched a crowdfunding campaign yesterday for a DSLR camera sling strap and hand strap that you can learn more about here.)

We’d love for you to check out the guest post and give it a share to help spread the word about Rejoiner and how to recover abandoned carts with email remarketing.


The Science behind How to Create Content That Goes Viral


In last week’s post we talked about how the odds are against you when it comes to creating viral videos. Everyone wants their content to go viral, but not everyone’s will. In fact, yours probably won’t.

But if you really do want to create something that goes viral, there are ways to increase your chances.

Two people in particular have studied content, advertising, and ideas that go viral and have come up with repeatable principles. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll increase the chances your content goes viral.
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5 Types of Lucrative eCommerce Videos That Offer a High ROI (Viral Video Not Required)


Everyone wants to create the next viral video.

That’s just the way it is.

Dollar Shave Club hit it big, getting 14,671,323 on their first video, and everyone wants to be next in line. But how realistic is that?

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Email Authentication 101: SPF & DKIM


Setting up SPF & DKIM records for your outsourced email vendor is an essential part of reaching your customer’s inbox. This post is meant to be a palatable primer (not an exhaustive reference) on two important email authentication protocols, Sender Policy Framework & DKIM, and how to properly deploy them when working with a third party email vendor.

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7 Best Practices for eCommerce Thank You Pages

Best Practices for eCommerce Thank You PagesBy the time customers make their way to your “thank you” page, you’ve already built up enough credibility to convince them to order, and you must have done something right price-wise and presentation-wise to get them to click “buy now.”

Things are going great, but there’s no reason to stop with making a sale.

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How Warby Parker Creates Magical Moments with Email

Warby Parker is one of the most exciting eRetail stores to come along over the past couple of years. They sell glasses over the internet, and they do an excellent job selling something that isn’t easy to sell online—prescription glasses and sunglasses.

In this post, we’re first going to look Warby Parker’s website experience; then we’re going to look at how they create magical moments with their follow-up emails.

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25 Top-Tier Conversion Rate Experts to Follow in 2014

If you’re looking to up your conversion rate optimization (CRO) game, Twitter’s a great way to keep up with the latest articles and trends. Here are 25 of the top conversion rate experts to follow on Twitter in 2014 to make sure you stay on the cutting edge.

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