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Conversion Rate Experts Share 20 eCommerce Optimization Tips [SlideShare]

We asked 20 of the world’s top conversion rate optimization experts to share their top tip for making your eCommerce website convert. The responses were amazing and we assembled them into the SlideShare below. Their advice includes topics related to A/B testing, usability, metrics, cart abandonment, design philosophy, customer experience & more. Our 20 Conversion […]

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7 Ways eCommerce Companies Can Boost Customer Lifetime Value


Did you know that it costs six or seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one? Did you also know that the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5 percent to 20 percent, while the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 percent to 70 percent?

In addition, there’s a 27 percent chance that a customer who has purchased from you once will visit your site again, while there’s a 54 percent chance that a customer who has made three purchases from your site will make a fourth. That means the more a customer returns to your site, the chance that customer will visit again increases.
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Best Practices and Examples of Great Pre-Purchase Welcome Series


Congratulations! Not only has a new customer visited your site, she’s provided you with her prized email address, indicating that she’s interested in further engagement. We know it’s harder to win over new customers and get them to make a purchase than it is to get a previous customer to buy, so once you have even a sniff of interest from a new customer, you want to keep it.

Pre-purchase welcome emails continue the conversation with the customer, letting her know you appreciate her interest and telling her what to expect next. Triggered emails like these—or others for an order confirmation, re-order or abandoned shopping cart reminder, or special occasion announcement are based on a specific action or event—are extremely effective. Emarketeer reports that open rates for triggered emails are as high as 49%. Epsilon’s Q2 2014 study on email trends showed that triggered emails are 74.9% more likely to be opened than business as usual (BAU) emails. Additionally, triggered emails have a high click rate, performing 161.9% higher than BAU.

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Using Lead Magnets to Capture Customer Email Addresses Pre-Purchase


So you’re getting a lot of traffic to your eCommerce website. That’s awesome. That’s exactly what you want, right?

Of course it is. But let me ask you a question – actually let me ask you a couple questions: Do you know who your website visitors are? Can you send them marketing materials?

If your answer is no, then what difference does it make if you get 500 visitors a day or 50? Either way, if your visitors don’t buy from you, then what good does all that traffic do for your company? Let me answer this one: No darn good at all.

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Post-Purchase Trigger, Segmentation & New Campaign Builder


Today, we’re excited to share release notes on a product update that will fundamentally change the way Rejoiner can help your ecommerce business grow. The release includes several features that many customers have requested and we’ve finally brought them to life.

New Campaign Builder

The user experience of the Rejoiner campaign builder has needed an update for quite some time. To put it bluntly; the UX was really bad. As of today, we’ve completely rebuilt the email editor, email preview (now injects real dynamic data where merge tags are placed), test email sender, email scheduler and built a new top-level campaign manager. The experience is orders of magnitude better and after using it, we can’t imagine going back to the old campaign builder. We hope you feel the same way.

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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce: Better Data, Better Decisions for Retailers


Earlier this year, Google rolled out an upgrade to Google Analytics called Enhanced Ecommerce. An addition to Google’s Universal Analytics, this Enhanced Ecommerce tracking offers Google Analytics users access to data that hasn’t been previously available. It includes a complete series of funnel-based reports, additional support for Google Tag Manger, and the use of the Product ID dimension.

Enhanced Ecommerce offers deeper insights into the behaviors of your visitors, enabling you to view traffic from more detailed shopping experience and product perspectives, rather than the traditional page perspective. It also gives you a method to measure the effectiveness of your merchandising, moving the scope of Google Analytics’ beyond transactional data.

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AdWords DIYers: When Is the Right Time to Hire a Professional?


When Jennifer Furr began her ecommerce business, PictureThatSound, she also started a Google AdWords campaign to reach potential customers. Although the program was fairly simple to initiate, she didn’t get the results she wanted—customers who made purchases. Each year for five years, she has run a new campaign; tweaking her website, changing her SEO and keywords, anything she could think of that would enhance click throughs. But with the limited budget of a small business, there was only so long she could experiment without getting tangible results.

“If you start out and put in a little bit of money and a little bit of time, when you don’t see return on investment, there’s no solution for that,” she says.

Furr isn’t alone, and if you look at some of the ecommerce forums, you’ll find many business owners in the same situation. Can small businesses with small budgets get results from Google AdWords? Should you do this on your own, or will you have a better chance of success if you consult with an AdWords pro?

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Abandoned Cart Email for WooCommerce


Over the past several months, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of integration requests for WooCommerce. We’re happy to announce that version 1.0 of our WooCommerce integration is now live in the WordPress plug-in marketplace..

According to BuiltWith, WooCommerce now powers 381,187 eCommerce websites worldwide and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the community.

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How to Convert an Existing Customer into a Repeat Customer


Repeat customers are vital to the success of your eCommerce business. In fact they’re the very foundation upon which a profitable eCommerce company is built.

Studies show that it costs less to retain existing customers than it does to attract new customers. Think about it. It makes perfect sense because you don’t have to spend money on advertising, media, marketing and anything else necessary to bring in a new client.

Here are some statistics to show you what I mean.

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How Thinking Globally Can Yield Big Conversion Rate Increases


International business. For many eCommerce businesses, the idea of expanding to new markets is compelling, but the challenges involved in international trade are daunting. Ecommerce owners often have questions like:

  • How do you set up your website’s shipping page for different address formats to match other countries?
  • How do you anticipate unknown shipping charges and tariffs?
  • Can you track shipping?
  • What countries present more difficulty with international trade than others, and should you avoid them or forge ahead, if they offer significant potential?

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6 Zapier Recipes to Streamline Your eCommerce Business


We love Zapier. No, really – it’s awesome.

At Rejoiner, we use 8-10 SaaS applications to run various aspects of our business. These applications power everything from customer support to subscription billing & payments. Though its fantastic to run an online business in a time where all of these tools are accessible to our growing company; we’ve found that it has been challenging to unify the data across each of the vendors we work with.

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